The DiggerDog Nail File Story

Irena and ZanaMy name is Irena Votavova. I was born in the Czech Republic (hence the name), but migrated to Australia with my mum and my older sister Petra, when I was nine years old. For 27 years we lived in Melbourne, where I completed all my studies, including an Agricultural Science Degree and a Diploma of Teaching.

This story starts with an unpleasant experience for me and my Doberman girl Zana.

After many unsuccessful attempts to trim Zana’s nails with clippers and a rotary-type tool, I gave up and decided to take her to a vet. This visit turned into a nightmare! As soon as she was put on the table and the vet touched her foot, Zana started fighting. Even with three people – the vet, his nurse and I – trying to restrain her, it was almost impossible. Eventually the vet managed to clip one nail, but Zana became extremely distressed, the nail was bleeding and I stopped the procedure.

Soon after this we moved to Cairns where an idea came to me!

Zana loved her daily bones, but would often bury them for later. One day I was having my cup of tea in the garden and was watching Zana digging for her hidden treasure – an old bone. Later on, when she came to me, I noticed that the nails on her front paws were trimmed shorter. She had given herself a little pedicure!

Why couldn’t I use her natural digging instinct to let her trim her own nails?

As you know, the majority of dog training is done by using food rewards. I was going to try this for my idea!

My mum Irena Sr. and my partner Damon loved the idea and we all started working on this new project. After months of trial and error, finally a breakthrough!

A new and exciting product was born:
the DiggerDog Nail File.

Unfortunately, our beautiful Zana died in 2012. We missed her terribly. The house was suddenly so quiet! In desperation, mum and I went to the local animal shelter and adopted a black kitten called Jackie. She is a cutie. But my heart still longed for a dog.

Little Niki & Irena at CafeSo we got a new Doberman puppy and called her Niki. She has been using the DiggerDog Nail File since she was less than three months old.

Niki on red DDShe is a big girl now and she loves using the DiggerDog Nail File.

After living in beautiful Cairns for nearly four years, we decided to move back to Melbourne to keep the family together (my sister, her husband and children moved back to Melbourne after several years in Asia).