A New Dog Nail File

Can you imagine a dog nail file which will eliminate the stress of trimming your dog’s nails?

  • Do you struggle with your dog every time it needs its nails trimmed?
  • Is your dog fearful of traditional methods – painful dog nail clippers, noisy nail grinders or regular nail files?
  • Are your dog’s nails on its front paws the main problem? Often this is the case, as the nails on the front paws grow faster and don’t get naturally worn down through the dog’s walking or running on hard surfaces.
  • Unlike African wild dogs, Australian Dingoes, wolves or modern working dogs, our pet dogs live with us mostly indoors. Even if you walk your dog regularly, it is often not enough to wear down the front nails.
  • The back nails are usually not as much of a problem, as the dog pushes off with its back legs, thus wearing them down naturally.
  • Perhaps you are the owner of a rescue dog who has been traumatized by a bad nail-clipping experience.
  • With this new dog nail file, your dog will happily trim the nails on its front paws itself – for food rewards.
  • Nail trimming becomes a joyful experience – not only for the dog, but for you as well.
  • Your dog learns ‘the trick’ of getting its food reward by digging/scratching very quickly and will remember it for life.
  • If the nails on the front paws are the problem – no more trips to a vet/groomer. You save time and money.
  • This innovative dog nail file is safe. There is no risk of cutting into the quick – the blood and nerve supply within the nail – causing your dog pain and bleeding.
  • You are controlling how much the nails should be trimmed, as you are supervising the process.
  • In fact, the dog  self-regulates the trimming process itself. When it feels it is getting close to the quick, it will stop digging for a few days, until the quick recedes higher up the nail. Then your dog will once again get excited when you bring the DiggerDog Nail File for its next nail-trimming session.

Please be aware If your dog’s nails are so long that they are distorting the dog’s toes or even starting to curl under, you will first need to have the nails trimmed by a Vet and only then can you start using this file for maintaining the right size.