• “This is truly one of the best and most useful canine products on the market. Thank you!” (Kate A., Windsor, Vic)
  • “Trimming dog’s nails is an important health aspect. It is more important to clip the fronts because the hind toenails wear better as they are used more when the dog moves. I see this device being useful for owners who are unable to clip the dog’s front feet.”        (Dr Doug English, Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital, QLD)
  • ” Hi Irena, it arrived yesterday. Today was our first trial of the DiggerDog and my goodness are we impressed. We had all shapes and sizes of dogs enjoying the challenge within seconds. I would like to congratulate you on a terrific product that provides a positive and enriching solution to a task that has traditionally been the source of much trauma.” (Dr Kate Lindsey, Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre, Balcatta, WA)
  • “I have personally found this method easy for me and my Tenterfield Terrier ‘Dusty’. In my opinion it is certainly preferable to any of the more conventional methods.” (Jane Harvey, dog breeder, professional groomer, author and international judge, Blackburn, Vic)
  • “Hello Irena, I found out about your product by searching ‘dog nail file’ on Google. My dog is a corgi/pointer cross named Norman. He is 8 years old. It took three of us holding him at the vet for his first trim and was very stressful for him. The parcel arrived this morning. I sat down with him this afternoon at 3.15pm and by 3.45pm he had learned how to file his nails and had done enough that it was time to stop. He loves his new toy. It was amazing to see him working so happily on a problem that has troubled us for so many years. Thank you for your brilliant idea. We’re so grateful for your well-made product. It is such a relief to know that it works.” (Melanie J., Barwon Heads, Vic)
  • “Thank you for the DiggerDog, it arrived yesterday. Our six month old Italian Greyhound has used it twice already. Last night he was alternating his paws and this morning he truly dug with both! Thank you!” (Rebecca, Scarborough, QLD)
  • ‘My dog was scarred by an untrained groomer that really hurt him while doing his nails. We had to take him to the vet for treatment. Ever since he has been very afraid to allow me to do his nails (it has been three years). Any time I would do it he would shake and cry. I would have to hold him down and he is a very strong bully breed. I’m 200 lbs and had to use all my strength to cut my dogs nails. Afterwards he would hide for hours and I would need a nap. Now our lives are changed. This tool has been amazing!!! Anytime I tell him I’m getting “the box” he goes crazy. By the time it is on the ground he is doing his own nails. First time in my life a product has honestly made my life better.’ (Jeremy, USA)