Q: Can the DiggerDog Nail File be used with any dog?

A: Yes. We tested it on dogs of different breeds, sizes and ages. Only a very small percentage of dogs didn’t show interest in the food and digging for it. Mind you – we only had a very limited time with each dog, as we were in their own homes and we didn’t want to take too much of their owner’s time. When the dog is in its own environment, undisturbed and with the person it is familiar with, it should understand the concept quickly and start “digging” for the treats.


Q: How often should I use the DiggerDog Nail File on my dog’s nails?

A: It really depends on how long the nails are. The beauty of this nail file is that you are able to control how much nail should be filed off. To start with, do it gradually over several days. When the nails are to your satisfaction, use the DiggerDog Nail File at regular intervals – anywhere from weekly to fortnightly.