Stress Free Alternative to Dog Nail Clippers

  • Dog Nail Clippers have traditionally been used to trim dogs’ nails and are still popular for maintaining the correct length of the dog’s nails. Many dogs will allow their owners to use dog nail clippers, especially if they were introduced to them since they were puppies.
  • Unfortunately, there is a large number of dogs who will simply not tolerate nail clippers and will not even allow their paws to be handled. Many of these dogs have had bad past experiences of nail clipping, especially if the nerve or ‘quick’ was cut during attempted nail trimming.
  • Rescued or neglected dogs in particular often have a bad association with this grooming task. For these dogs, even the sight of nail clippers will send them into a highly stressed state. The only option then may be to sedated the dog at a vet’s.
  • Even if you have managed to get your dog used to nail clippers, if you ever cut into the quick, it will cause great pain and bleeding and your dog may not allow you to clip its nails the next time.
  • Using dog nail clippers can be even more problematic if the dog’s nails are black. With black nails, it is impossible to see where the quick ends and thus judging how far to clip the nail is a guessing game.
The DiggerDog Nail File can be a solution. The dog doesn’t associate this file with the trimming of its nails at all. It will happily scratch/dig for a food reward and trim its nails while doing so. Because the file works on a dog’s natural instinct to dig, it works specifically and only on the front paws.┬áThere is absolutely no risk of cutting into the quick, as the dog controls the filing. When it feels that it is getting close to the quick, it will stop scratching/digging.

Some dog owners will ask “what about the back paws?”

“Most dogs do better with trimming the back feet because they can’t see what’s going on” (Donna Hill, dog trainer, Nanaimo, BC Canada)

Furthermore, nails on hind paws will naturally get more worn down when the dog walks and runs on hard surfaces. The dog uses its hind legs to push off and propel the body forward, which means that they don’t need to be trimmed as often if at all.

“For most dogs, the front nails will grow longer than the rear nails because dogs tend to push off from their rear paws, naturally wearing their nails down.” (

Jane Harvey, a highly-respected figure in the world of Pure-bred dogs has written about the benefits of the DiggerDog Nail File: