Our Unique Dog Nail Grinder

A popular alternative to dog nail clippers is a dog nail grinder. This works well for many dog owners and their dogs, but there are still some disadvantages with this method:

  • If your dog has long hair on its paws/between its toes, it will be necessary to trim the hair first, since there is a danger of the hair getting caught in the rotating part of the nail grinder. Even the owner with long hair needs to be cautious.
  • Many dogs are fearful of the noise and vibration created by a nail grinder.
  • Grinding a dog’s nails can make the nails painfully hot, which means that you have to be very careful and use the grinder in short intervals. The nail grinding may thus take longer.

If your dog allows you to trim its nails with a grinder, consider yourself lucky.

But what about those unlucky dog owners who can’t use even a dog nail grinder?

The DiggerDog Nail File is a new Dog Nail Grinder which makes the trimming of dog nails easy and fun for both the dog and you, the owner. Its major difference from the usual dog nail grinders is that the dog does its own nail grinding, instead of being subjected to the often-stressful procedure.

Based on the dog’s natural instinct to dig for food, this unique dog nail grinder works specifically and only on the dog’s more problematic front nails.

“Trimming a dog’s nails is an important health aspect. It is more important to clip the fronts because the hind toenails wear better as they are used more when the dog moves. I see this device being useful for owners who are unable to clip the dog’s front feet.”  (Dr Doug English, Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital, QLD)